About Me


Hi there,

I am Yewande and I run this Blog Becomingyeva.com (obviously). This is a lifestyle blog where I share my take on Life, Finance, Technology, Religion and a number of other interesting things.

This blog isn’t a random afterthought neither is it a serious day job. It could serve as a resource space, an entertaining relaxing zone or a walk through my own personal experiences, depending on who you are and what you are looking for in life on the internet.

About Me

Yay!!  get to talk about me. Sooooo….

Yeva or Yevandy is my Nickname that’s currently turning into an actual name. I googled a fun meaningful name one cool evening and Eva popped up. Not being a fan of popular names, I decided to look for the Armenian version and I stumbled upon Yeva …. which is a very beautiful uncommon name…. and it stuck. I “funkified” it into Yevandy and here we are!!!  You heard it here first.. 🙂

I am a Tech enthusiast (i work in tech but I’m, not a techie so I don’t know what else to call myself).  I am also an entrepreneur and fashion designer. I sell eggs here and things made from beautiful African prints here

I am learning and practising Digital Marketing (this blog is my guinea Pig) I love to read fiction and write about reality.  I have a lot of Passions which you’ll find out here when you read it all.

Oh yes, I am a Born Again Christain and a Feminist. I don’t joke with either.