Journaling: My experience and Tips on Journaling.

I saw a post on Instagram by CassieDaves about one brand that makes journals copying another persons brand and I realized journaling is here to stay.
yes its trendy to journal or sell journals now. Just in case you didn’t know.

at 4000-6000 naira a book, it is definitely a lucrative business, ill admit I also thought about doing it but I knew God was not in the idea and I moved on to other business ventures sharp sharp. The planners trending in nigeria now are the cassie daves blog planner, the dee mako planner, AYD planner, business planner, areses finance workbook and many others.


Ill be reviewing some journals I bought last year. Check out the fist review of the cassie daves blog planner tomorrow.

I have been journaling since I can remember.  do you remember those days of slumbooks in secondary school and year books.

I had a very interesting English teacher in senior secondary school. she made English so much fun for us.

I remember there was a term where we were required to journal every week or every two weeks. she made everyone by an 80 leaves notebook and would give us a topic to write about every week. just write she said, your story doesn’t have to be true. she will give us topics like My fist heartbreak or my annoying cousin or the time my parents fought to write about and she will grade on how interesting your story was.

I don’t remember if this was graded because creative writing is not really part of WAEC curriculum but I took those assignments very very seriously. I was a science student but I would ignore biology assignments to do my English assignments like my life depended on it.

ive always loved creative writing, but that woman added fuel to it.. even after secondary school, I would keep a book every year and write about my most interesting days. One thing was I didn’t like was people reading what I wrote cos I didn’t want anyones opinions. I would go through lengths to hide my

I also had an experience during my Nysc where I wrote down everything thing I wanted to achieve that year, my 5 year plan, vision, mission, etc, i went t a christain private university where we were hounded about vision and mission and all the shenenigans andi could define them in my sleep buti didn’t believe them.  I didn’t  believe in speaking or writing things into excistence then. I was so much of a sceptic then and I only wrote those things outta boredom. but I kid you not I had a list where I wrote 20 thing before 20 and I achied everything including getting a job in the company I wrote down.

I was shocked!!!!  I didn’t do anything extraordinary or pray or even work harder that anybody else for these things but they happened. I need to do a separate post on this experience cos it was life changing. Since then I have been journaling everything… Goals, fiction, prayers o… everything.

anyways that’s my history on journaling

I currently have about 9 journals that I write in almost everyday. I used plain note pads for some, I bought specific journaling books for some but I’m going to do a series where ill be reviewing all.

I also create my own personal journals when I’m in the mood and ill do a post on how to do that to save you some money.

The journals include:

  • goals and mission for the year.
  • everyday todo
  • learnings
  • Finance
  • Prayer
  • Blog
  • business
  • Diary/everyday experiences
  • writing

My tips on Journalling

  • don’t force yourself. if its not coming just doodle or draw carricaturs. nobody will beat you. its your book.
  • date your posts: it helps to track
  • draw a calender
  • if this is your first time. take baby steps. write small small
  • do it in the morning/evening. when you have time
  • use a nice book.
  • if you want to use apps, ensure you backup everyday.
  • have fun.


  • it can make you a better writer
  • you can vent to your self
  • its amazing company for introverts or people who don’t like to talk
  • it could improve your hand writing
  • it could serve as a reminder for your goals and dreams and keep you focused.
  • A place to develop your ideas.


Let me know what you think about journaling in the comment section below. Is it worth all the hype or is it a waste of time???





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  1. I found a journal I kept when I was much younger, and as I read it, I was so grateful for my triumphs and the realisation that I had actually grown up and gone past some of my fears.

    Recently, as I’ve gotten busier and ,or I find it hard to even remember to update a journal so I haven’t kept one in a while.

    I like the idea of writing things down. 🙂

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