I tried Linda Ikeji TV and heres my review

linda ikeji tv

If you are Nigerian, you’ve probably heard about Linda Ikeji, who’s the richest blogger in Nigeria. What you may not know about are Linda Ikejis other business prospects. She started a social media platform which flopped, a Media house this I don’t know wassup with and now a Media streaming platform called Linda Ikeji TV which I am about to review in this post.


Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

Linda Ikeji Tv

I present to you  the Linda Ikeji TV app

My First impression was ok, aight, this isn’t soo bad… If I’m being honest, I didn’t expect a lot from the design and the content.  But this isn’t bad at all.

I saw that there was an option for a mobile app and I went ahead to download that too. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it had over 100k downloads on the google play store.

Now don’t get it confused, downloads and usage and signups are not the same metrics. An app can have millions of downloads and just a few users but fewer signups but 100k is not a bad start for a proudly Nigerian product…

You go girl.

Overall UI/UX was pretty straightforward… It was quite easy for me to signup. No too much serenren.. will probably be easy for someone who knows how to use email and WhatsApp. Which is very important.


It cost 1000 Naira to use every month and you can pay with your card via paystack. I put in my card details and everything went smoothly.. I had access to all the content immediately.

Now to the content in Linda Ikeji Tv…

Which is where most people will start to roll their eyes… and its allowed.

Linda Ikeji TV is mostly Trash TV. Trash Tv is not necessarily a bad thing. What matters is are you into it?

Reality shows that mostly have not purpose are called trash TV. Things like love and hip-hop, jersey shore, shows where girls tear pant and fight etc… These shows don’t really add value to you but we enjoy watching them…

I personally watch Love and Hip-hop and I can tell you their story from season 1 to now. Has it been positively impactful to my life? Now that’s debatable.  I try to watch recaps done by people on Instagram so I don’t have to watch the whole thing for 45 minutes … Now I know it can be a waste of time but It’s my guilty pleasure and I like it like that. So yea. * rolls neck love and hip-hop style*

I am kinda a secondary target audience for Linda. I like Trash Tv but I really do not have the time and patience for it.

I got ready to settle into watching reality shows of celebrities like Tonto Dike, Toyin Aimaku, Ice prince etc. and lets just say I was both fascinated and disinterested.. I was both entertained and bored.

Toyin was too Agberoish.. Please live in Lagos and I’ve interacted with my fair share of Agberos and I know that they don’t shout 24/7.  Nobody is turnt like that all the time. My verdict …… Yawn

Tonto Dikeh tried to add some reality into her own by featuring her son (whose face was blurred out), her social media drama, her church, pastor, charity work etc, but these are things we get from her Instagram already… My sister and I watched the show for more Ofofo like details of her plastic surgery which wasn’t there so… Nextttt.

1 super annoying thing was that all the episodes of Linda reality shows are about 45 minutes long but some of them had only 3 scenes… I was like whattttt? Who wants to sit down and watch Tonto pray for 30 minutes… Hell Nah.

Linda, If you are reading this, please the scenes are too long… your viewers will tune out. Thanks, dear… Kisses***

After my celebrity binge, I went on to the show of regular people trying o be famous.

My favorite show was love from Ajegunle…. The scenes were also as long as Third mainland bridge but I really enjoyed watching this one. I like how she humanized the people in the slum and didn’t make anyone a charity or pity case. I was just watching gutters and shanties shot with an HD camera and just reflecting on how the whole of lagos is technically a slum and we are all just packaging and repackaging our experiences.

The show Gidi girls was just a joke… maybe those ones thought we came to listen to their fake accents.

Oyinbo wives of Lagos was a better joke. Those ones were just fighting up and down. Desperate to copy the real housewives of Atlanta show. .. It didn’t work.

Made in Gidi is a live stream. I never got to see that.

I really liked the documentaries she had on the show. I couldn’t watch a lot but the one about a  super tall man called Agoro was really good. She could have used the opportunity to educate us about what made the man grow taller and taller but … she didn’t.

Linda Ikeji TV had some inspiring shows like leading women, life lessons with betty irabor, and some movies like when love happens and Tango with me…


LITV has a lot of content, but it’s up to you to determine if they are for you or not.

They were formed for a limited time but I got bored and unsubscribed.

Unsubscribing was the easiest thing ever. No hassles, no “why are you leaving us the email”

My summary: There’s a lot of work to be done but I’m impressed…

There’s a purpose to what she’s doing. While it may not be for everyone, I know there’s a market for LITV in Nigerian and Outside Nigeria.

This is part proof that Nigerians will pay for a digital product if you give them what they actually wanted the easiest way possible. And maybe cheapest.

1k per month isn’t super cheap neither is it super expensive for Nigerians, I don’t know if the price is right but with some adjustments, the content and software will be perfect for Nigerians.

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